Sell Your Steinway or High Value Piano

How to sell a Steinway piano? Park Avenue Pianos is always looking for vintage Steinway Grand pianos, and other fine grand pianos. We will buy your piano, and will pay you top dollar quickly and easily. Moreover, we will take care of all the moving arrangements for you. Selling a Steinway piano can be a tricky task because you do not know if you are being given a fair deal. Park Avenue Pianos buys Steinway pianos: we can appraise the value and let you know about a great price. If you are looking to sell a Steinway grand, we can offer you top dollar.

Call us today at (800) 463-8120 or email us at and we will get back to you promptly with an offer.

Note: We purchase vintage and slightly used steinway pianos throughout the entire United States.

sell a steinway piano

Trade in a Steinway Piano

If you are looking to trade in a steinway grand piano - we are just the place for you; Park Avenue Piano will appraise your piano and you will be able to trade in your instrument with a minimal payment for a new one.

How to Sell a Damaged or Restored Steinway Piano?

We deal with all kinds of repair and restorations. We will appraise your piano and let you know what we can pay for it. We often come across pianos that need to be tuned, have had parts replaced or have parts missing. You just need to tell us what model it is if a part is missing/broken/replaced and/or piano’s serial number. Please contact us with as much information as you have on your Steinway piano. If you have any pictures, please include them. Knowing these details will allow us to offer you the best bargain on the market.

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