Park Avenue Pianos specializes in selling lightly used Steinway Grand Pianos and other fine brand pianos hand-picked by concert pianists.

Our shop showcases Steinway & Sons pianos, including Steinway grand pianos, upright pianos and Steinway baby grands at an unbeatable value.

Park Avenue Pianos - Concert Pianist's Choice for Steinway Pianos

Uma Thurman and Steinway PianoWe take great pride and joy in hearing the stories of our client friends, and how they came to know and trust Park Avenue Pianos for their Steinway grand piano needs. Check out our stories page for some insight on the journey that others took to find the perfect piano for them. What will your story be?

Park Avenue Pianos is run by trained concert pianists who know what is necessary in a Steinway Baby Grand Piano of the highest caliber. Our relationship with the top Steinway Pianos New York techs allows us to get the top-quality work to the consumer at huge discounts off Steinway Showrooms.

Our Steinway pianos are hand-picked by concert pianists, and must have the Golden Steinway Piano Sound for them to be in our inventory. Our shop is on the cutting edge for providing the best Steinways at an unbeatable value, now with locations in New York City, Miami, and Washington D.C. Our world-renowned technicians are also able to offer refinishing and repair services for your Steinway piano or other fine instrument.

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