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"The Premier Instrument in the World." This is how the New York Times put it when describing the Steinway Pianos from their Golden Age. From 1900-1950, in a period commonly referred to as the "Golden Age of Pianos" (when no living room was complete without a piano) the Steinway company was hugely successful. Pianos were the centerpiece of the home, and families entertained each other with piano playing, singing, theatre, and dancing, instead of being glued to the TV. With the factory running full-steam, their workforce of craftsmen was very busy making what many think to be the best Steinways ever made.

Recent surveys of concert pianists find that, for home practice and concerts, they prefer the Golden Age Steinways. Countless articles and reviews bear witness to the unique and lasting value of these pianos. There is something about the tone which gives the piano an almost vibrato-like singing quality. This comes from the special wood in the case of that generation of Steinways. Additionally, from a financial standpoint, market observers note that appreciation on these pianos is, in large part, due to the fact that they can't make any more of these Golden Age Pianos.

A fully restored, mint-condition steinway from the Golden Age truly is "The Premier Instrument in the World". A solid investment that will make your life richer and more vibrant.

Celebrity & Charity Partnerships

We have teamed up with celebrities including Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, and Justin Timberlake, who have personalized several Park Avenue Pianos Golden-Age Steinways:

Stevie_Wonder_ Steinway_Grand_Piano

The Revivalist

Stevie Wonder teamed up with Ten O'Clock Classics, an amazing organization that brings classical concerts to non-traditional settings, as well as provides free music lessons and musical outings to low-income youth. He autographed a beautiful Steinway Grand piano, up for auction, to benefit TOC programs.

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Chicago Tribune

The Piano Man is hoping to sell a piano for a good cause. Park Avenue Pianos and Billy Joel teamed up to auction off an autograph a baby grand to raise money for music students in New York City.

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People Magazine

Justin Timberlake read a newspaper story about Ten O'Clock Classics, which provides lessons and instruments to underprivileged children, and agreed to autograph a baby grand piano to be sold at auction. Park Avenue Pianos was pleased to collaborate with Justin for this good cause.

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Alicia Keys has generously agreed to donate her touch to a beautiful Steinway Baby Grand Piano. Park Avenue Pianos and Alicia Keys will give proceeds from the sale of this Steinway to help Ten O'Clock Classics continue to provide the children of Harlem with free music lessons.

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Stevie Wonder Steinway Piano

Near Say

Nothing is nicer than tapping into high musical energy for charity. Stevie Wonder teamed up with Park Avenue pianos to auction a personally autographed Steinway baby grand piano. Tthe Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and multiple Grammy winner and Grammy Award Lifetime Achievement recipient will either imprint his hands and fingers on the piano or sign the fall board with his one-of-a-kind autograph.

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Steinway Pianos and Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake cares about music education and wants to make sure these kids can continue to have music lessons. Park Avenue Pianos teamed up with Justin to make this happen by providing a Steinway Baby Grand piano to be autographed and be sold at auction.

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Artist Direct

Tickle the ivories. Lady Gaga has partnered with luxury charity auction site Charitybuzz and Park Avenue Pianos to auction a Steinway Grand piano, which she autographed during her soundcheck at the Robinhood Foundation Gala on May 9th, 2011 in New York City.

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Monsters & Critics

Lady Gaga is a classically trained pianist and she recently told MTV that her piano lessons were the source of her success. Park Avenue Pianos was proud to collaborate with Lady Gaga in auctioning an autographed Steinway Grand piano to benefit aspiring classical artists.

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Justin Timberlake kindly agreed to contribute to charity by teaming up with Park Avenue Pianos and auctioning an autographed Steinway Baby Grand. The proceeds will fund free music lessons for underprivileged children in East Harlem.

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Daily News

Billy Joel hit a high note for a group of East Harlem music students, he collaborated with Park Avenue Pianos to donate an autographed Steinway baby grand for auction to help raise money for their lesson program.

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Her giving spirit has always been an inspiration to her fans, and now Lady Gaga is making a huge effort to help young people pursue careers in music. The "Born This Way" songstress is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind Steinway Grand piano bearing her very own signature.

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Artist Direct

Park Avenue Pianos teamed up with Stevie Wonder and luxury charity auction site to auction a personalized Steinway Baby Grand Piano, which he will either imprint with his hand and finger prints or sign the fall board of for the highest bidder.

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